Miss Poppins wearing a paper flower crown with black crepe paper leaves and a large white crepe paper rose

Hello, I'm Miss Poppins- a paper artist, solopreneur and romantic who lives in a bygone era filled with flowers, vintage fashion and endless cups of tea. My days are spent meticulously creating paper flowers that I’ve perfected making over the past eight years for thoughtful and caring romantics needing a gift for their darling dearest. These long lasting blossoms are sought after around the world to mark memorable romantic milestones; from wedding days to endless anniversaries, and any other “just because I love you” moments in between.

Growing up, I was constantly crafting, dressing up as a bride with bouquets of flowers from Mum's garden and visiting Grandma's house to watch the Disney film 'Mary Poppins'. As an adult, I fell in love with sculpture when studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts at university, but upon graduating, I escaped to fulfil a lifelong dream of becoming a nanny like Mary Poppins in London, England. This led to many adventures working and traveling abroad for years, until I needed to recover from a heartache, so I packed up my bags and moved to Melbourne, Australia. It was here I combined my lifelong passions of creativity, romance and Mary Poppins, and began a little hobby business I fondly call Miss Poppins & Me.
While dabbling with paper flowers in my spare time, I began my next dream job as a wedding and events coordinator for heritage venues in Melbourne, helping  couples organise their outdoor wedding ceremonies. After a while, the stress of the job was too much for me, so I left and have been working full time as Miss Poppins & Me since 2020.  Now I'm based out of my vintage home studio in where I spend countless hours meticulously hand cutting, curling and assembling every petal and leaf of my paper flower creations. I obsess over the details of crafting the ideal rose, sourcing quality papers from around the world to create unique and everlasting pieces of floral art. 
Romance for me began with the example set to me by my loving parents. To this day, they celebrate their wedding anniversary on December 1st by exchanging gifts and cards first thing in the morning, then in the evening dressing up in their wedding attire for a special home cooked dinner and re-watching their wedding video. Throughout the year, you can feel their love for each other as you witness the cute and random gifts they like to bring home for each other “just because” they can. I thought this was the normal kind of celebration you share with your partner, until I moved out of home and discovered everyone is quite unique- some don’t celebrate at all, some forget, others make minimal effort, while others go to the extreme. 
Shortly after beginning my paper flower journey, a customer approached me to create her a paper rose for a first anniversary gift, and then kept returning every year with a request for the next anniversary tradition to be recreated as a rose, slowly growing a bouquet as the years passed by. Being a romantic at heart, this inspired me to further investigate anniversary traditions so I could help other couples express their love by creating unique anniversary roses to help their romance bloom.
Since 2014, I've so far helped love stories continue to blossom across Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States of America. There have been paper flowers crafted for elaborate and intimate weddings, Valentine’s Day gifts that would melt your heart, roses seeking forgiveness, gifts of surprises from loved ones stuck abroad and grand gestures to impress partners on wedding anniversaries. So, will your love story be next?
With floral love,
Miss Poppins x